How Did Lewis And Clark Made History

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Lewis and Clark were the exploring duo that made history in the exploration of America. With the help from their entourage, Sacagawea, and others they successful explored the land President Jefferson purchased known as the Louisiana Purchase. The territories of Louisiana offered more than just the new areas but a hope for ways around North America`s coast. Meriwether Lewis was an explorer and solider born August 18,1774 near Ivy, Virginia. He grew up on Locust Hill plantation neighboring Monticello where Jefferson lived. Then in 1794 he joined the militia to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania. During the Northwest Indian War, he enlisted in the army then later served in William Clark`s Chosen Rifle Company. Later he was appointed to be President Thomas Jefferson`s private secretary in 1801 . William Clark received his fame from being …show more content…

They were sent off to explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest. This exploration played a major role in the exploration of America as a whole. They travelled around 8,000 miles in less than two and a half years with a four dozen men entourage. The expedition was brought to the attention by President Thomas Jefferson. January 18th, 1803, he secretly told Congress to find and pay an officer $2,500 to explore the Missouri river, meet Indians, expand the fur trade, and locate the Northwest Passage. Jefferson attempted on several occasions to explore the west on his own, but it did not work out, so he asked his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis to take lead in the expedition. Lewis appointed William Clark to share command with him during the voyage. The goal of the expedition was mainly to study the Native American tribes in the area as well as the plants and animals. To Jefferson newly bought territory offered more than unexploited land but the possibilities of trade as

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