Comparing Lewis And Clark

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Lewis and Clark traveled to the northern parts of the area. They met with different native tribes the Mandan tribe, Hirata, Teton Sioux, and Oto. They met French trappers, they also met a French trapper whose wife named Sacagawea, was of the Shoshone tribe. She was great with speaking to different tribes. During their journey, they wrote in a journal. The journals, maps, and drawings kept by Lewis and Clark are considered true works of art. They traveled over 8,000 miles in about two and half years. They cataloged 108 botanical and zoological specimens, 68 mineral specimens, and Clark 's map of the United States. They sent Jefferson other specimens, including a live prairie dog. Zebulon Pike explored the southern parts of the area, great plains, the rocky mountain, red river, and the Platte river. During their journey, they returned 50 freed prisoners to Osage. They built a fort in the Rio Grande a lace in Spanish territory. They were arrested and returned on April 27, 1813. The Spanish treated them nicely. Pikes valuable information was not as extensive as Lewis and Clarks. Both Lewis s and Clark and Pike were financed by Thomas Jefferson and that they both were writing journals. …show more content…

They learned food and Navigation which was helpful. The expedition provided extensive facts of natural resources, size, minerals, and geology of the area.
Lewis and Clark were able to document over 100 animal species and over 170 plants. If people hadn 't ever documented animals or plants, other people would only know what they saw and wouldn 't know the many different varieties and species that there are in this world. The Lewis and Clark expedition provided widespread knowledge about the topography of the Pacific Northwest and produced more than 140 maps of the region and we all know how important maps are to us in the past and present

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