The Major Challenges That The Corps Of Discovery Faced

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The Major challenges That The Corps of Discovery Faced

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was a federally funded venture to explore the North American West. The expedition's principal objective was to survey the Missouri and Columbia rivers, locating routes that would connect the continental interior to the Pacific Ocean. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803, in which the United States gained 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River, facilitated the mission, allowing the explorers unprecedented access to land that had previously been owned by Spain and then France.President Thomas Jefferson invested his time, energy, and political capital into this project and took direct charge of its initial planning and organization. The expedition …show more content…

Another challenge they faced were with dangerous and rival Native American unlike Shoshone that helped them by giving them shelter and horses for they’re journey.Also one the most important person on the team was a native american sacagawea helping through the wilderness and telling what was safe and dangerous.Also sacagawea’s husband was the sole translator on expedition.On the way back from the expedition two of the corps got killed by black feet.The Corps did gain knowledge from the helpful native tribes like maps, routes, horses, and food.One of the reason they fought with native americans is they were constantly. threatening the tribes. Based on Lewis' speech to the Otoe tribe, he did not respect the Native Americans at all, he addressed them as “children” at least ten times in the short speech that he

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