Essay On Hurricane Devastation

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“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion…to change the world.” As a leading abolitionist, Harriet Tubman spent her life blazing new paths for freedom. She believed everyone has the potential to change the world. I stand determined change the world by pursuing my dream: lessening the devastation of natural disasters on the Gulf Coast. Witnessing the devastation of hurricanes cultivates my desire to devise strategies for hurricane-resistant structures. Hurricanes not only bring devastating storm surges, violent winds, and torrential rainfall, but the aftermath of these storms proves to be costly. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Ivan resulted in over $14.2 billion and Hurricane Katrina produced over $75 billion in damages. After witnessing the devastation of these hurricanes, I remain determined to improve structures on the Gulf Coast. …show more content…

With my education, along with my drive and ambition, I plan to return to Baldwin County in order to implement new ideas for constructing hurricane-resistant structures. Although my dream remains to lessen the aftermath of hurricanes, I also plan to volunteer in organizations that help to protect the beaches. I hope be an active participant in sea turtle conservancy, sand dune conservancy, and wildlife refuge conservancy. Protecting the environment remains the first step in lessening the destruction of hurricanes. In summary, I intend to achieve my dream of lessening the destructions of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, despite the obstacles that stand in my path. The design challenges presented by my dream drive my ambition. In my pursuit of success, I must remember one thing: I have the strength, the passion, and the patience to change the

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