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“God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.” My high school experience was decent. I went to Crossland High School for my freshman and sophomore years and attended Dr. Henry A. Wise High School my junior and senior years. Me transferring schools was a big step. When one changes schools, they have to start over completely. When one changes schools, they have to start over completely. When a child is taken from their comfort zone they tend to have several awkward moments. One may have to sit at lunch alone, walk alone in the hallways and sit alone in class. A study published in the Journal of Social and Personality Psychology explains that frequent moves are tough on kids and disrupt important personal relationships. Adults who …show more content…

I worked at Six Flags for two years and I decided that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and I moved on and started to work at Chipotle. My job experience at Chipotle tends to be a little challenging. I think that I get picked on a lot at work by the veteran workers just because I am a new hire. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone at a job is not necessarily a bad thing. When one steps out of their comfort zone they tend to mature as a person. Personally, I have become a mature person, my character has improved, my courage has increased and my challenges in life allow me to help others. No matter where one id in life, there is no way to avoid challenges. We can agree on the fact that challenges are a part of life. Therefore, my most challenging education experience would have had to been going from a less fortunate school to a more fortunate school. My junior year started of an little rocky. I was considered an “tweener” I was a junior but, my credits portrayed me as a sophomore. My aunt and I had a sit down with my teachers to see how I was doing in everything and my English teacher said that I was doing fine but, when fourth quarter report cards were released the grade said otherwise. When one feels like they have accomplished something and really have not it is

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