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Residential schools were a boarding school that was set up for the purpose of teaching and assimilating aboriginal children in the 1880s. These schools were an important part of Canada’s history because they treated aboriginals as themselves, as aboriginal people, and their culture was inferior to Canadians, although at the time they thought they were doing the aboriginals good. Some would argue that residential schools were a good thing, that they benefited the aboriginal people and that they didn 't do them wrong while others still believe that residential schools did more harm than good to these students lives and wellbeing. Others believe that even though these students were treated poorly, they benefited from this form of education. Overall, …show more content…

Personally, I think that residential schools were not justified. Being torn for from your family and forced into an abusive school system where you had no choice but to give up your culture and beliefs is simply not okay. To me, learning life skills such as how to read, write and operate farm machinery would not have been worth the trauma and mistreatment they received. Imagine what being forced away from your family, having to forget about your culture without a choice, and being put into an a cruel, abusive school system where you would have to live would be like. How could a somebody learn and be happy in such conditions? Residential schools were cruel places where indigenous people had no choice but to do things they weren 't okay with and did not want to do.
Residential schools are a huge part of Canada’s history because of what they stood for. They were a boarding school indigenous people were forced to attend, where they learn valuable things but were in turn abused. In these boarding schools, indigenous people were forced to give up their family, culture and their way of life. Many Canadians have a different perspective on this, either that it was justified, unjustified or that they are unsure. This was not an acceptable way to treat or teach anyone. To me, residential things should stay in the past. They were a cruel thing and did no

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