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Almost everyone is born with five senses. However, in this case I was born with four senses and one of senses I lost was hear. I am Deaf and I use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with hearing people. I won’t be able to write or read this if it weren’t for high schools. With the help of an advisory system in high school, my English teacher, I was able to not only meet the standard education, but also continue my life journey. Since ASL is my native language and English is my second language, so I thought I was not qualified to become a doctor or anything. My teacher told me that I can do anything except hear. So the point is, what would our life be like without advisory? You will find the answer soon. What does high school advisory…show more content…
I thank my teachers for creating the blissful memories that taught me how to develop my vocabulary, my writing of techniques and my ability to be a fluent reader. My teachers has shaped my character and without it, my intelligence would not be half as good as it is today. So with that being said, yes it has made a huge difference in my reading and writing, and being not a native English writer, but I loved the fact that I was provided with post secondary options and support in navigating to college and career while in high school. And of course, with an advisory system, a magnificent way to build the motivation and social skills in high school. Schanfield quoted that the key to a fulfillment and success; “high school students need diverse support to gain the many skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college including academic content competencies, college application guidance, cognitive and critical thinking skills, civic awareness, time management and teamwork strategies, and healthy social-emotional coping abilities.” Also, Dr. Schneider from Getting Smart as a Director of Policy and Research said, “…to clarify the central mission of student guidance…show more content…
For instance, I was given this time schedule by advisor for my course period when a group of my classmates and myself had to check in the study room with a staff or teacher. I found a great example of those two scenarios in Meenoo Rami’s “A Tale of Two High School Advisory Programs” article, Rami explained in the scenario #1; “It’s a little after 8 a.m. and students file randomly into an advisory period, where they are greeted with a sign-in sheet. Most are on cell phones. They rarely take the time to interact with the teacher or other students in the classroom. Meanwhile, the teacher is trying to find a way to make copies for his first period class, remove the coffee stain from his tie and monitor who has or hasn’t signed the attendance sheet. In 12 minutes, when advisory ends, the work of the school day will begin and students will head off into their first period classes.” And also explained in the scenario #2; “It’s a little after 3 p.m. and students arrive at their advisory period after a long day at school. They pile onto a couch and a couple of chairs in the back of the room and the teacher begins by asking for good news. Students share highlights from school and home, laughter, jokes and mild jabs fill the conversation, but everyone gets a turn. Eventually, the advisor shares the college and career exploration plan and asks each student to log into an online system that will

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