Pros And Cons Of Compulsory Education

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Compulsory Education Most, if not all of us, are aware of the fact we are required to go to school-the reason behind this are the controversial compulsory education laws. There have many many different forms of compulsory education in past times. In the Roman societies it was expected of young people to study under someone who had an education. Whenever attending school became mandatory in the United States there was a lot of controversy. On one hand, you had people who loved the idea of their kids having to go to school for a set number of years and the state providing it. On the other hand, there were and still are many who are oppose to it. They claim that making kids go to school for a certain portion of their lives is unconstitutional. In the end, though, there are multiple laws in place that set the guidelines for the attendance of people in school. Although there are many people who feel they should decide whether their kid gets an education I believe it is important for students to attend school-whether or not they feel they will sue the information it will give them the skills to grow as a person and the ability to interact with others. Although it is a common occurrence for students to attend a school, generally until they graduate, this was not the…show more content…
There have been studies that show there is a relationship between the amount of education that a person has had and the amount of money they will make later in their life whenever they get a job. Even if they go on to college and get a degree that is not necessarily needed in their field they are more likely to be hired than someone who did not finish high school. Just by spending all that time in a classroom, constantly being approached with now concepts and ideas to them they are learning how to problem solve and interact with other people in a positive

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