Growing Up With Parents

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Most parenting books published from the mid 90’s to the present suggest that parents should be very involved in their children’s life. This type of parenting may have backfired, causing an entire generation of individuals that want everything handed to them and don 't want to work for anything. The problem is they have grown up with parents that want to be involved in every aspect of their children’s life. They have the best intentions and want to protect their children from the hardships of life. Over the past decade, as a result of overprotective parenting, children have been overindulged to a point where they lack confidence, they don’t understand the consequences of risk taking, and is causing new challenges for schools and educators. …show more content…

They standby their children as they attempt to protect them from disappointment. In college, these parents may continue hovering. When they hear that their child is having a rough time with a professor or a classmate, the parents call or email the dean, demanding that they find a solution to the stress on their child. Helicopter parents are overly involved in the lives of their children, even into adulthood. They aren’t willing to give up control of their children’s lives and shut down their attempts to become their own person, according to an article titled, "Hovering Parents Hamper Students in Career Goals and Social Skills" from Pepperdine University. These students are less resourceful because their parents do everything for them, according …show more content…

Children of overprotective parents are often more immature in comparison to free-range classmates. Teachers claim that these overprotected kids are dependent and insist on getting as much attention as possible. Teachers do not have the time to help each child as there are often more kids than teachers in the classroom. In other words, overprotected kids are problematic for teachers because they have a sense of entitlement and feel they should have things their way. They were not told by their parents that they are not the center of attention and they must learn to cooperate with others. Because they feel that they are special, they can 't accept the situation when it doesn 't go their

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