Baby Boomers In American Culture

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America is the home of the great. We fight wars and dominate! We drink beer and eat steak. Unfortunately times are changing and we are ready for new standards. The traditionalist and baby boomers are stuck in the 20th century with a much more conservative view on life while the millennials are trying to change the world with a more accepting and futuristic point of view. I will show you how I have observed and recorded, why the traditionalist and baby boomers need to hop on the train of today’s reality.

“Traditionalists are people who comprise the oldest generation in American culture, and like all generations, possess their own unique qualities which distinguish them from the generations which came after them” (study.com). Traditionalist follow a conservative lifestyle. They generally have a hard time agreeing with current topics such as gay marriage, women in the workforce, technology, and race equality. Human resources expert Heathfield (Generations do differ) defined “ Baby boomers as the generation of Americans born in a baby boom following World War II.” Robinson (Generations) recorded “ Boomers grew up in a time of prosperity and an absence of world wars, although they experienced the Cold War era of living in fear of Russian nuclear attack, building bomb shelters, and hiding under desks at school as a drill practice.” Now that traditionalist and baby boomers have been defined for you, I will go into argument on how the older generations have a lot to learn from us millennials. …show more content…

The biggest difference between the millennials and traditionalist/ baby boomers is that we are more diverse, yet most of us still believe in the same morals. What is a Millennial exactly? Techtarget

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