Baby Boom Case Study

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I. Introduction
A. College education costs has risen since the 1980’s to now. As a new school year arrive each year, college expenses increases. Be it a 2 year college, 4 year, public, or private college, college costs in USA has risen over all. This rise in college expenses are due to several factors. These factors are the baby boom, the increase in college enrollment, and growth of faculty staff in colleges.

II. Body
A. The baby boom group born between 1988 and 1995 contributed to increase in college expenses.
1. Contributed to increase in population
2. According to, the population in 1988 was around 244.5 million, and in 1995 the population rose to around 263 million. The population now is around 320 million.
B. The swell in college enrollment contributed to increase in college …show more content…

This shows a 41% increase during the span from 1980 to 2012.
4. During this time the supply of college seats were limited and were not able to meet the demand the population was seeking.
C. Increase in administrative staff is the main reason for increase in college expenses.
1. With the rise in college enrollment, the college needs to expand their institution.
2. The money needed for this expansion is found in increase college costs.
3. This money will be used to pay the additional staff needed to provide services for students.
4. The more students enrolled in college, the more administrative staff the college needs to accommodate for this rise.
5. According to the article, College Costs Out of Control, “Between 1993 and 2007, total university expenses rose 35%...administration expenses rose 61% and instruction expenses rose 39%.”
6. The ratio of staff to students in 1975 was one professor for every eighty-five students and one staff (officers, help services, etc.) for every fifty students.
7. By 2005, this ratio decreased by one professor for every sixty-eight students, and one professional staffer is assigned to every twenty-one students.


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