P5 Unit 5 Health And Social Care Essay

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In P5 of my work I am going to outline and discuss the strategies and procedures used in health and social care to reduce the risk of abuse.The aim of the independent safeguarding Authority (ISA) was established under the Safeguarding Groups Act 2006 to protect children and vulnerable adult to those who might abuse them. The strategy in order to achieve this is through mentoring people who seek access through their work, paid, unpaid and voluntary. As they have to be registered under the vetting and barring scheme and will be checked against one of two barred list.
Reference can be defined as being information that is written by a pervious employer that tells the workplace what type of person the individual is and if their experience is valid and if they have the experience to work with vulnerable adult. If a person reference was not …show more content…

This is continued to be developed; established 'dignity champions ' to make a difference locally.
Human Right in Healthcare -A Framework for Local Action 2007/08 Is a framework that assist local NHS Trust so they can develop and apply human right approaches in the design and delivery of their services The service focus on FREDA values which are Fairness, Respect, Equality ,Dignity and Autonomy

Organisational policies: There are guidelines that provide the basis on which an organisation can develop their own policies. Regardless the size of the organisation all must have polices and guidelines on expected for staff, good practice in the delivery of care and the support of individuals.
Codes of practice for nursing and social work: In addition to organisational guidelines, professional codes of practice you require a professional to work in high level of standards. You need to respect people when using services as individual and minimise

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