Cheesecake Factory Summary

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Health care can, most definitely, use a revitalization of standards and practices. The article brought some thought-provoking ideas to mind about the benefits that could arise from the health care industry adopting a business approach, much like Cheesecake Factory. Cheesecake Factory serves “more than eighty million people per year,” (Gawande, 2012) and still delivers a high-quality food with an affordable price, and the level of quality is consistent. However, in the health, care the price of care has been raising, quality of care is unreliable, and there is no consistency in the provided care. If a patient goes to different doctors for a certain condition or procedure, each doctor has a different course of action to take for the diagnostic …show more content…

No matter where the chain is located, they all follow the same guidelines and steps. The chain uses data to predict the number of the customers, so they can staff accordingly. They also use data to estimate the amount of the food to purchase to reduce waste and increase profit. Each employee is observed by a manager and receives ongoing feedbacks to improve performance.
The question that arose in the Dr. Gawande’s mind was how come the food chain has found ways to keep the cost down and deliver a high-quality service, but the health care is way behind. In my opinion, food chains have a right system in place that enables them to be efficient not only with their cost, but also, with their quality. Health care is lacking a standard system; each office, hospital, and clinic run their business differently; therefore, the outcome and cost vary. There is no check point in the health care system, no one double checks a doctor to prevent

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