Explain How They Influence Service Provision

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Furthermore during an induction all new staff members are required to read the policies and procedures book on their induction and during this time (or any other time) it is to be flagged up about any changes they may feel appropriate. (Recruitment Policy, 2015)

A way in which country wide maintain their policy and procedure is by implementing any recommendations held by the Care commission, by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and national care standards.

Q5.) Analyse 3 Policy and Procedure in your agency and explain how they influence service provision

Firstly the policy of end of life care is important in influencing service provision as it has ways of identifying the symptoms an individual goes through during this last phase …show more content…

This links to the agencies policy on first aid as the policy states that there must be a first aider on duty on every shift, this way if any accidents happen there is someone with expertise knowledge and can help if an accident did occur. (First Aid, …show more content…

The Human Rights Act 1998, is a piece of legislation that helps resolve issues in court, effectively this is the European Convention for Human Rights. For example if a resident in my workplace felt as though their rights were not met then under the Human rights Act 1998 they effectively could take countrywide care home to court to address and resolve the issue. However companies are encouraged to take service users complaints a priority so then it avoids expensive legal conflicts. (The Human Rights Act 1998, 2015)

The Data protection Act 1998 which enforces the rights of individuals to gain access to information being held about them by an organisation and health professionals, however if an individual wanted access to their personal information, for example their social work review the social worker would need to consider if the information would be detrimental to the individuals health or not, and if so they cannot allow access to the information. However this protects services users rights as within my workplace the nurses and doctors working closely with the residents they cannot pass information on unless it’s relevant and it’s from professionals to other appropriate professionals (Data Protection Act 1998, 2015). I enforce this legislation as within the home in the nurse office/duty room there are all of the residents care plans (30), when referencing to the care

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