Unit 8 Health And Social Care Essay

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Having read the GR, I would like to respond as follows: Page 4 Each member of the team is responsible for managing their timing on a daily basis to ensure all customer needs are attended to within the working hours. During every team meetings JA always state the importance of having all members of staff taking their lunch during the business stipulated hours of 12noon and 2pm. He has on numerous occasions stated that the full hour is taken and that each staff is to plan their work load so that it does not clash with this period. I have always told DG and EA the importance of taking their lunch break and everyone would attest that once I get up at 1pm to have my own lunch break I ask both of them when they are going to take their break. EA on numerous occasion stated that she is coming in a moment as she need to finish whatever she is doing. Sometimes her response is that she will be having her soup at her desk and not coming to the breakout area. There is a known trend before EA joined capital works from the customer service team in Greenleaf Close that she always work very late. Whilst we were all co-located, I have approached her why she is working so late, several times Prince and I had to wait for her by rushing her to complete whatever she was …show more content…

At no point did I have a missed call from EA on any of my phones as stated in her testimony. DG came back into the office around 1.10pm and we asked her were EA was, she stated she is getting a lift from Kim Jefferies and they were getting into the car before she left site. After about 10mins without her showing up I requested that she called EA to find out were she was, when she did not pick up her phone SG and I asked her to call KJ to find out where they were. EA did not return into the office until after 45mins after DG

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