Work Contentment In Nursing

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This concept paper will talk about the basis of work contentment among nurses. Each has his/her own belief regarding how it is to be contented with one’s job. Several factors such as being able to know and experience the sense of satisfaction in the workplace are being considered and each has an effect to the social health of a nurse. Social health, as part of the general health of a human, must be given significance for it also has a bearing on what one can offer to others, in this case, nurses to their patients and what one can offer to the society, nurses as leaders that aim to bring a good change especially on strengthening the meaning of nursing to people that involves effective communication and interaction with them.
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The 10 questions revolved on expectations from oneself, awareness on one’s purpose, relationship with colleagues, progress in terms of work performance, and determination to take opportunities. These are important aspects to be able to know if indeed a nurse is contented with his/her job that is why the questions are chosen to see if it fits the concept of work contentment. Brugger (2010) stated that effectively written and analyzed questions can make gathering of requirements and data a streamlined process. With the participants ' answers, it will help in making others aware of what must be done to achieve that contentment. It may be more of a subjective type but nevertheless, expression of feelings and sharing of experiences of the nurses are given the greatest …show more content…

According to Success Story (n.d.), encouragement is an uplifting message that aims to raise someone 's spirit. They emphasized that an encouraged soul will be able to make rational decisions. In the case of nurses, it is important that their way of making decisions is positively influenced by those encouragements because then they are also able to encourage their patients to be optimistic especially on being able to recover. In line with this, receiving recognition for doing a good work is an additional reward that may be the result of the encouragement done. With the question on this, 3 answered yes, 2 answered no, and 1 answered sometimes. With the questions on commitment in doing quality work and being able to learn and grow in the current job, 6 answered yes for both. With learning and growing, one is simply to be more open in having that serious commitment with their job that results indeed to a quality performance. With the question on others taking into consideration of their opinions, 5 answered yes and 1 answered sometimes. Giving credit to people 's opinions means that you know how to listen and be open-minded and these are characteristics of good social skills. Kokemuller (n.d.) stated that being open-minded makes someone more adaptable to a unique work environment and job. He added that open-minded employees are valuable in increasing quality of teamwork. Teamwork among nurses is definitely an evidence of

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