What Is The Difference Between Cigna HMO And Heritage California ACO?

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Compare and Contrast CIGNA HMO and Heritage California ACO from the lens of the consumer
In the US, there are many health insurance plans designed to meet different individual needs with various advantages and disadvantages of their own. This research paper, focuses on the two different health plan models those are Cigna HMO and Heritage California ACO. Health Maintenance organization (HMO) is basically a type of health plan that limits the freedom of choice of the provider, as the coverage is given to patients who take care from the physicians who contact with the HMO and its main focus is on the prevention and wellness (Wedig, 2013). ACO health plans basically focuses on the care coordination, promote prevention and wellness, …show more content…

They have 14.5 million global medical customers, 1.2 million Medicare prescription drug Customers; 459,000 Medicare Advantage Customers; 59,000 Medicaid Customers (Cigna Facts, 2014). Cigna offers health insurance populations like young adults and students, employers insurance, Medicare patients and international insurance. Whereas, Heritage California ACO model has patient’s benefits like continuity of care, follow-ups and personal attention after any diagnosis or procedures and increased awareness. Moreover, patients have access to expert coordinated care which where only available to managed care patients in the past. Heritage Provider Network provides high quality and cost effective healthcare to more than 700000 individuals. Heritage California ACO focuses on the population with chronic illness, Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries and other individuals, this is voluntary. From the above observation, I think Cigna HMO has many services serving different population at affordable rates and have successful results in the maintaining the quality of care, accessibility and

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