Exploring Leadership By Thomas Lawrence

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Leadership is an abstract term that constantly evolves. Leadership and its definition adapt to each situation through the assistance of its users in order to influence progress. Because of its ambiguity, interpreting leadership produces useful definitions when viewed within context. Exploring Leadership, a book directed towards college students, discusses the historical views of Leadership and its development over time. The aforementioned book provides the information that constitutes the foundation of this paper and its definition of leadership. The characterization of leadership within this paper is the act of one taking it upon oneself to utilize sparse resources with the intent of amplifying one's effect upon others. Thomas Edward Lawrence, …show more content…

Taking an interest in medieval military architecture, Lawrence studied and wrote a thesis on “Crusader castles in France and in Syria and Palestine." Lawrence, in 1914, visited northern Sinai on a cartography expedition, which was “sponsored by the Palestine Exploration Fund.” Upon the rise of World War I, “Lawrence became a civilian employee of the Map Department of the War Office in London, charged with preparing a militarily useful map of Sinai.” Coincidentally, Thomas Edward Lawrence received employment for a position he is well versed in. Within this context, Lawrence utilizes his geographical knowledge in order to assist the British World War I effort. Lawrence effectively exhibits leadership simply by providing information that was sparse, thus magnifying his influence upon others. Because of the unknown nature of the Arabian land and his previous experience, Lawrence “was assigned to intelligence.” During a voyage to Turkish territory, Lawrence compiled geographical, logistical, and political information into a “handbook on the Turkish Army.” As a result, Lawrence effectively increases the amount of valuable information he provides, thus enhancing his impact upon

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