Sirleaf's Leadership Theory

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Many debates the concept of Leadership: is there a right way to lead and who is an effective leader and where is the line between effective and atrocious leader. The question society has asked for ages, what is the right thing to accomplish and did they initiate the proper choice. The idea of leadership has been around since humanity could conceive of the community, but the study of leadership is a new phenomenon. The beginning of leadership was the great men theory and after that a colossal amount of theories on the leaders emerged trait theories and value theories. Later in time they added the follower and context, but the focal point for a multitude of scholars today is the leader. What theory does their leader fit? What are the similarities …show more content…

These ideas fill what the mind and create a story for us to develop and synthesize into are own lives and values.
Sirleaf was an open and conscientious leader. Her mix of a servant leader and an adaptive leader. She put herself second and her people first, working seven days a week and around 14 hours a day. She shows courage and strength, and sacrifice. Her choice to come back to Liberia and help when she could have stayed in the United States and worked for the banks and had power and good water. Sirleaf lifted her people up to be better, her people started to believe in themselves and move forward. She used inspirational motivation creating this vision of a better Liberia of women having a voice. As a servant leader, she listens to those around her she listens to the women who were protesting, and she even went to West Point during the Ebola crisis and listened to the people problems and thoughts. She showed …show more content…

She pushed through the hardship and though many do not like Mao, he like Sirleaf had great preservation and pushed past challenge. Both leaders were patient. Mao was waiting years through the long march and then slowly pushing his policy in the beginning and Sirleaf starting young going to the United States building up her connection and slowly becoming the women who became the president of Liberia. We want to separate leaders especially those of communist countries and those of capitalist countries and their considerable differences to talk on but they are similar in many ways also. Sirleaf is a more trnansformational leader, motivating the people to serve as leaders. Looking at the ocean model, Sirleaf shows her openness by telling her people the truth even if they don’t want to hear it. Mao is not as open he speaks his mind and motivates others, but due to the culture and ideology he does not speak as much and his government is closed off. Both leaders are conscientious, especially at the beginning. They understand what is going on and are aware. Sirleaf understand her country needed help and to fix it education and infrastructure and she worked to do it. Mao understood, the farmers were the backbone of the country and used them, he understood the strength of women and tried to help them. There also is an argument to say as he

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