Leadership In National Honor Society

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Leadership is the ability of one to organize or lead a group of people. A leader should be respectful, a leader is bound to know what goal is attempted to be reached. My favorite leadership quote is by Chris Hadfield, “Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It 's about keeping yourself and people around you focused on a goal and motivated to do the best to achieve goals in life, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences matter greatly. It is about laying the groundwork for others ' success, and finally standing back and letting them shine.” Being a leader doesn’t involve the leader doing all the work and claiming all the credit. Instead the leader helps everyone achieve a common goal. I view myself as a …show more content…

In National Honors Society we strive to help our community and the school. We do volunteering hours to help the homeless, Maintain the school, and help the school community come together through organizing events. As I am growing up, my parents taught me numerous qualities in life that will help me succeed. Even though they always encourage me to succeed, they always say to help others on your way to success. Selfishness may never be the key to success. My parents always preached to be a leader and never a follower, and to not copy others accomplishments instead develop your own success. I say this to emphasize why leadership is my highest quality, and my highest motivation to continue my journey in life. In conclusion, there are some behaviors one must take account for when it comes to quality leadership which include exceptional communication skills, commitment, and an optimistic demeanor. My life goal is to become a Pediatrician. After I become a Pediatrician I will live up to my leadership skills to become a CEO of a company. I believe with these traits I am a good candidate to become a student at Denver

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