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I believe a leader should lead with an open mind and an empathetic demeanor. In order to guide others I have to be ready to listen and learn. A self centered, lazy person cannot and will not put good ideas into action. People will not follow someone who will not listen to what they have to say. A leader speaks words of encouragement and wisdom, and sets goals for himself and others to strive for. I am a goal setter and a go getter. I have to stay self motivated because as a leader I am the driving force of the ones I am guiding. I have been an officer of my school’s Beta club for the past two years. I was the secretary my junior year and I am vice president my senior year. The Beta club is a club focused on improving our school and community. I have to keep members motivated to help others and be a part of what we do. Whether we are cleaning highways, helping at the food bank, or running a school clothes drive I have to be a trustworthy figure who …show more content…

I run scoreboards, oversee concession stands, umpire, or run team registration. Many of our tournaments are set up for a program called HKI. HKI is a nonprofit organization that develops programs to teach kids karate. Through the softball tournaments we have raised thousands of dollars to send karate students to HKI camps and seminars to learn how to defend themselves. We have heard stories of kids who have been a part of the program who were able to protect themselves in dangerous altercations and get away safe. Since the program’s beginning only a few years ago we have already shared the techniques with a sister karate studio in Jacksonville and our mother studio in California. My family plays a big part in this program and I am proud to be a part of it. The tournaments and HKI have taught me that in order to be a good leader you have to be willing to go the extra

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