Laissez Faire Leadership Style Case Study

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Task 1

What is leadership? Leadership is the individual who are the leader in a group or an organization. Leadership is a person holds the position of leader at the time. The person have the power or ability to lead other people. Effective leader are able to set and achieve challenging goals even their have face with difficult problem. The leader decision must outperform their competitor. As a leader should calculate the risk and preparing the solution or plan B and persevere to face it. What is the good leadership character? A good leader should have good self-confident, strong communication skill, ability to manage other people and as a helping person to always help others.
Psychologist Kurt Lewin has developed his framework in the 1930s, …show more content…

The reason is he do not have good communication with their subordinate. One more important thing is Will Taylor is a person cannot sharing with other. The democratic leader must also be able to communicate that decision back to the group to bring unity the plan is chosen. This type of leadership style will look team work as important. In this type of leadership each person can perform as well. If a decision is very complex and broad, it is important to have the different areas of expertise to represent and contributing their input. Their input will be useful to make a decision.
Next let us talk about laissez-faire leadership style. What is the laissez-faire leadership style? This type of leader will give their team member a lot of freedom in how they do their work and how they will complete the project at the deadlines. A laissez-faire leader is a person who take relax approach to oversight. This laissez-faire leader style is does not try to control or micromanage her subordinate staff. They only provide support with resources and advice if needed, but otherwise they will would not to get …show more content…

Frist is poor organization citizenship behavior. For example, the leader will put more attention to other country people such as UK and USA. This is because the leader will believe that county like UK and USA have good manage system to training their employee and easily to achieve goals. Will Taylor have commitment with their subordinate staff which is can sharing together but his already lack of commitment. Thirdly, is the popular problem which is dissatisfaction between subordinate staff. This is because Will Taylor did not have communicate with their subordinate staff as well and make the dissatisfaction

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