Team Leadership: Portfolio Analysis

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Team Leadership Portfolio Exercise PF3 Electrical Apprenticeship Phase 2 WWETB Waterford training centre January 2018 Student Name: Kevin Birney Class Tutor: Nicky O’Brien Word Count: Team Elements Leadership: Initiates action – A leader is a person who starts the work by communicating the plans and policies to the other team members. Creating Confidence – Confidence is an important trait of a leader, a good leader leads by example in the hope that their team would have the confidence and courage to follow. Resources: Good Training Facilities – If a team has good training facilities their training would be better quality, improving their skills. Money – If a team has money behind them their work would also be a better …show more content…

The leader would delegate specific tasks for every team member. Adjourning: This is the last stage and the task is completed, there is a good feeling amongst the whole team as their goal was reached, a sense of achievement. A good leader would show recognition for every team member that worked adequately. Types of Teams Functional Team: A team of people who all have the same skillset, For example a team of Electricians on a building site as they are all doing the same work with the same skills Cross-Functional Team: A team that have members with different jobs/expertise. An example would be a soccer team, the goalkeepers job is the stop the opposition from scoring whereas the strikers job is to try and score. Self-Directed Team: A team that doesn’t necessarily require a leader as the members of the team have been working together for a long time and they understand their colleagues roles. Virtual Team: A team of people who are geographically remote from each other. They can communicate through technology such as Skype and …show more content…

They are single minded and dedicated. They can overload you with information and contribute on only a narrow front. They can dwell on technicalities and overlook the ‘bigger picture’. What I learned from my Belbin self-perception inventory… Your Belbin Team Profile Shaper 6 Co-ordinator 7 Plant 5 Resource Investigator 9 Monitor Evaluator 2 Implementer 5 Team Worker 11 Completer Finisher 8 Specialist 4 I learned that I’m a Team worker, meaning I get along with everyone and I help the team to gel. I also have the traits of a resource investigator meaning that I look for ideas to bring back to my team. And following that I was third most suited for a completer finisher, meaning I finalise the work. Disc and Value Reports DISC: It tells me that I have a very high trust level for others, I’m optimistic and very enthusiastic when working with others. It said that I really like meeting new people and that I easily interact, that nobody is a stranger to me. I was amazed at how accurate the results were. Value: The clear result of my Value test was Altruist, meaning I have a very high sincerity-factor and a high empathy for others needs, this result did not really surprise

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