Tan Sri Tony Fernandess: Leadership Style Of Leadership

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Leadership style
When we talk about leadership, we must think about people who already success in their career. From that, we can differentiate clearly the characteristics to become a good and influencing leader. For example, Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes, CEO of the AirAsia who also known as Tony Fernandes. He is one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World because of his success in career and as a good leader. The first leadership style of Tony Fernandes is as a charismatic person. Having received various international awards for his company and himself, Tony Fernandes remains a very approachable, humble and down-to-earth boss who will always smile to everyone. He also a charismatic speaker because the way he talks can easily make everyone understand what he said and what he aim for in future. In fact, from his dressing such as baseball cap and polo shirt, he does not take himself too seriously even though being the CEO of AirAsia. For social media, He becomes an attraction for thousands of likes on his Facebook page and followers on his Twitter. Tony Fernandes also become the boss of the first ‘The Apprentice Asia’ just like Donald Trump for an international level.
Besides that, walk the talk is leadership styles that have in Tony Fernandes. Tony Fernandes use a 'walk-around ' management style. He believes that if one sit up in his ivory tower and just look at financial reports, he is going to make some big mistakes. For a few days every month he will go

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