Essay On Toddler Development

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When it comes to the development of children or in other words toddler, it is important to have an understanding as you see your child go through these changes physically and mentally. Even though there are general patterns to how children develop emotionally, socially, and physically, each child is unique and will develop in a special way. Individual differences can be very striking between the first and fourth birthday and are caused by the different experiences that each child has throughout their childhood. Having a stimulating environment for the child is very important, without this type of environment the child will never grow or learn. All experiences that a toddler goes through affecting their social and emotional growth. Young children gradually learn how to …show more content…

Throughout this period, children are learning to socialize with adults and other children. They learn by imitating other peoples behavior or actions that is why it 's important to watch what you say and do around a child. As a child, it is harder to get in touch with feelings because at the ages of one and three it can be a little stressful trying to express your feelings to an adult. Toddlers need a caregiver to help them communicate and express themselves in a healthy respectful manner. The relationships that children have with others between the ages of one and three form the basis of their capacity for love and affection later on in life. But a child who depends on a caregiver to show them love will have a hard time developing a relationship in the future. At this age, a child understands his/her emotions and also understands that what they say, or do can also hurt and affect others. Between the first and fourth birthday, it is important for children to build a relationship with a parent or caregiver. Most emotional issues that are dealt with earlier in life will make a difference for the child in a

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