No Wonder They Call Me A Bitch Analysis

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Hodgman had a knack for using humor in No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch. In such a repulsive essay she used humor to block out the nauseating unbearable parts of this Essay. Her misery was out pleasure. The descriptions were so revolting that I couldn’t help but laugh at the poor girls suffering. As Ann was about to devour the repelling meals she described in full detail the stomach- churning truth behind dog food. Although it may look delicious it is far from it. Not many would brave the task of trying out different typed of dog food just out of curiosity. But as the old saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat” and indeed she stated that at one point she would have faced death if she indulged on the greasy bite of dog food that had no absolute …show more content…

Because no matter how disturbing the story may be, others may stick around longer if instead of the blatant truth there is a little humor behind the story. In my honest opinion I believe humor is what keeps us together, because after all “laughter is the best medicine”. If we can get others to laugh at our misery, then maybe the misery was worth it after all. The way she described the food left the readers hanging on. “Is she really going to eat that?”. “Why would anyone put themselves through so much torture?”. After all, most great comedies depict other people in misery. Such as the Three Stooges who were constantly whacking each other on the head, gauging eyes, and slapping. Others people misery seem to play a role in other people’s laughter. Why is this so? Maybe people laugh because of the fact they’re not the ones actually getting hurt? We laugh at the fact that Hodgman admitted that if she took a bite of a certain type of dog food she was afraid she would have actually died. But what makes this funny? In all honesty I believe she laughed her way through the whole experiment. Mainly because of the disbelief that she was actually eating dog food. I would also laugh at myself for doing something so

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