The Other Moore Analysis

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The Other Wes Moore: Part One -- In class The Other Wes Moore, the story written by Wes Moore himself, uncovers two drastically different life stories of two people with the same name. Specifically, this book shows of how different life choices the two protagonists made is determined by the society and social influences. Especially, the mother figure and the ways the protagonists dealt with the social environment had created a significant difference between the life experiences of the two men. The mother-figure had an immense effect on shaping the personality of the two protagonists. Despite the fact that both protagonists having hard working mothers who always wanted the best for their children, the mothers had different responses to their …show more content…

As they both grew up in a poverty-stricken area in a fatherless family, it is evident that they have experienced an identical childhood. However, the difference in their personal philosophy had changed how the two protagonists dealt with the distressed environment. In fact, the author put emphasis on how Wes Moore’s life choices were established on good conscience. Even though he had a lot of opportunities and allurement to become a criminal, he had been aware of his responsibility for his choices from a early childhood. As a matter of fact, the awareness of the consequence after becoming a criminal had enabled him to assure himself of how he did not want to become one. It is evident throughout his early childhood that by living in a destitute area, he was able to create a mindset where he had wanted to break out of poverty and the criminal environment he had been living in. Correspondingly, his morality that was created throughout his childhood had enabled him to succeed in the future. In contrast, being influenced by his peers and the “criminal” environment, the other Wes Moore had been directed by the negative behavior. Instead of learning positive moral values from his family, he had thought of how crime is a norm and in addition, his social environment had encouraged him to be directed by his immoral manner. Due to his immoral behavior, it is conspicuous that he had became a criminal with a life sentence. In both cases, poverty and the social environment had a significant effect in the development of the two characters. Overall, throughout the section of The Other Wes Moore, the book discussed the development of the two protagonists and of how their life choices have been affected by society and social influences. Moreover, the mother, a familiar existence, and the distressed environment had the greatest influence on both characters, shaping their beliefs and creating a significant difference

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