Hi Laddies And Child Observation

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Hi Laddies, MR did well last week a few days we had tantrums and aggressions but we were able to overcome those and have a great week overall. MR was very motivated by the jellybeans I had in my bag and was very willing to work for them to earn. He did really well when running the yes and know program using jelly beans for yes and no something not preferred. I plugged in most of the data but ran out of behavioral sheet so some of that data has to be plugged in. The stars near the programs mean I ran out of the data sheets which I did not plug in. Also Molly, can I have a jelly bean picture for pecs cause he was trying to look for it to hand it to me on his own. I ran his pecs doing breakfast and I had him hand it to the teacher and the teacher knows to wait to he hand her the picture to give him the cereal he wanted. MR home visit also went very well and is mom using pecs at home when it comes to him requesting yogurt? …show more content…

I was thinking when the time comes if they get trained on MR pecs that can be offered to them as a training they can use towards their professional development they need to have. I can ask them if they have to have specific hours in Professional development for the

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