Police Child Observation

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On August 3rd, 2015, at or about 1817 hours, I was dispatched to 1700 North Federal Highway, Hollywood Florida, in reference to assisting Officer Baluja (CCN 3432) to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival both officers made contact with Loukeesha Mckenzie, herein after reffered to as the arrestee. The arrestee believed that her 2 children were hit by a white vehicle which was located in the back alley of the Kenwood Lodge (above location). While conversing with the arrestee, she then changed her story stating that she believed that her children were actually in the back of box truck. I observed Officer Baluja check for the arresstees children; which yielded negative results. While conducting our investigation, Officer Baluja asked the arrestee if she was lodging at the Kenwood Lodge, which she replied yes and stated room #103. Officer Baluja and I asked if she would allow us to look in her room to make sure that her kids were not in the room, …show more content…

As I entered the room Immediately saw the arrestee walk in fast pace towards the east side of the room. While observing the arrestee moving towards that area, I noticed that there was a small table, which had 3 yellow baggies containing a white powdery substance on top of it in plain view. I observe the arrestee attempting to conceal these baggies by grabbing them and attempting to place behind her back. I then alerted Officer Baluja of what the arrestee was doing. At this point Officer Baluja and I advised the arrestee she would be place in handcuffs pending further investigation of the powdery substance. The arrest ee began to aggressively resist Officer Baluja and myself by tensing and pulling her arms away from us. Officer Baluja and myself finally were able to gain control of the arrestee. A field test by Officer Baluja of the white powdery substance rendered positive for PVP. The arrestee was advised she under arrest and notified of her

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