Childhood Observation Activity Patterns

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1. 10 points: Based on your results from Tables 1 & 2, briefly describe the activity patterns you observed? Were there any contributing factors? Were boys more active than girls? (You do not need to go over the entire sample, just provide highlights and go into detail on one or two areas that were most interesting). [4-6 sentences]. Based on the data males were typically more active than females in intensity and frequency of activity. The data also shows that in outdoor unenclosed areas individuals were more active, but this increase in activity was not evident in less popular areas such as the Indian mounds and quad opposite library. The energy expenditure rates were also influenced by the number of individuals in each area at the time of observation, for example two individuals may have been very active at the parade grounds, but the area inside Middleton could have a higher energy expenditure rate for six individuals …show more content…

10 points: Summarize all the data and provide a percentage for the amount of time spent in: Sedentary activity (lying, sitting), light activity (walking), moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA; walking and vigorous) and vigorous physical activity (VPA; vigorous). Provide percentage for each category. [4-5 sentences] The majority of individuals were observed participating in sedentary activities 46.66%. During observation 43.33% of individuals were involved in light activities like standing or walking. 43.33% of individuals were also participating in moderate to vigorous activities such as walking or a more vigorous activity, but only 10% of individuals were participating in only vigorous activities. 2. 10 points: Briefly describe the total group’s behavior and then specifically for males and females. What was the most prominent activity you observed? Based on the location where you conducted your observations and the information you gathered; what are some of the reasons that contributed to these activity levels? [4-6

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