Persuasive Speech About Walking

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WALKING TO IMPROVE HEALTH Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to start walking in order to improve their health. Central Idea: Regular walking can improve both your mental and physical health. Method of Organization: Monroe 's motivated sequence. Introduction Let 's be honest, we lead an easy life: automatic dishwashers, riding lawnmowers, T.V. remote controls, automatic garage door openers, power screwdrivers, bread machines, electric pencil sharpeners, etc., etc. etc. We live in a time-saving, energy-saving, convenient society. It 's a wonderful life. Or is it? While today 's luxuries have been welcomed by the masses, they have also been accused of turning us into passive, lethargic couch potatoes. As a reformed couch potato myself, I …show more content…

While modifying our diet can certainly help us decrease our risk for heart disease, studies have indicated that people who don 't exercise are at an even greater risk for heart disease. (factual example - Camenzind) Satisfaction II. Fortunately, there is a simple, effective exercise that we can all do. A. This exercise is walking. 1. Walking for 20 minutes at a moderate pace 3 - 4 times a week is good for our physical and mental health. (factual example - Ullman 9) 2. Walking is an inexpensive form of exercise that requires no training. B. Regular walking can reduce our risk for heart disease. 1. A 1994 article in Prevention reported that walking can curtail our risk for heart disease. (factual example - Ullman 9) 2. Walking enhances an enzyme that removes triglycerides (blood fats) from our bloodstream. (factual example - Ullman 10) Visualization III. We can visualize the benefits of walking by contrasting the lifestyle choices we have. A. We can take shortcuts in life and cut our life short. 1. Find the closest parking space in the parking lot. 2. Drive to the convenient store that is just around the corner from your house. 3. Catch the bus to take you to a building across campus. 4. Telephone the friend in your neighborhood

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