Taking The Plunge Persuasive Speech

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The theme of “Taking the Plunge” is to accomplish any challenge you have to overcome your fears on your own. In the beginning of the excerpt the narrator nervously rambling about anything to keep from losing nerve .” Do crows really always fly directly?” this distraction allows to continue his ascent up the diving platform. All the while constantly looking for another distraction to offset nerves, all the while continuing to accomplish the task at hand “you can’t see the bolts in this diving platform from the ground, which is good if your objective is to get more people to scale this crazy tower because those bolts are pockmarked and look wounded,” Continually finding flaws is a easy way to try and justify how crazy it is to dive from the diving platform is. The platform represents a great challenge and now it is being tackled rung by rung, simultaneously you can still feel the nerves as the ascent continues. Looking down at the ground to see Mrs., Snyder and her orange cream ice pop, becomes a goal to achieve to also have the orange cream ice pop. Having reached the ladder “I’m already slower than the few people who were ahead of me, and I’m not sure my arms and legs have gotten the message yet that they’re supposed to be …show more content…

Is she surrendering?” this kind of puts the mind set if she does so can the narrator. Only to see she has done this before with her perfect arch and entry into the water. Now there is no one ahead of us and “It’s just you and me now, diving board.” Of course, the diving board is going to calm your nerves, well one last distraction “Do you like orange cream ice pops?” offering the reward to the board, another way to delay the task at hand. While we never find out if the dive occurred the mere challenges faced and overcome to reach the diving board are a great accomplishment in

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