Persuasive Speech On Sleepwalking

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S Exhausted and run-down, I finally crawl into bed, the clock approaching four in the morning.M I hardly ever receive a full night of sleep, and in fact, most of my friends and family would consider me sleep deprived and as exhausted AS A NEW-BORN BABY. M When I was little, my sister would even proclaim that I was cantankerous when I did not receive enough sleep. S Although many would agree with her, my sleep schedule has turned into a serious problem. L Lacking rest, I was told that I had started to sleep talk, sleepwalk and even sleep text my friends and family, yet sleepwalking caused me the most harm because I was unaware I was even sleepwalking. M More than 31% of people have reported sleepwalking in the last year, including myself, specialists …show more content…

L People often associate sleepwalking with those who are undergoing a rough time in their life, and although that is a big cause of sleepwalking, those who have both rare and harsh medical conditions tend to be more prone to the arousal of the brain while in deep sleep. L Doctors have found that sleepwalking is not linked to just one condition, but if someone has a condition, including “irregular heartbeats, reflux, sleep apnea, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, and asthma. Sleepwalking can also be linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, as well as seizure disorders”, they remain more prone to walking during deep sleep ( 1). M As shown by this statement, somnambulism has many causes, and anyone with theses conditions can easily undergo the effects of sleepwalking.S Another case that shows medical conditions can cause somnambulism incorporates Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.M During this play, Lady Macbeth persuades her husband, Macbeth, into killing the King, so they can become royalty. L After Macbeth becomes king, he continues to kill his noblemen to ensure that he could keep his royal powers, causing Lady Macbeth to develop what was most likely post-traumatic stress disorder. L Lady Macbeth underwent a traumatic experience of watching her husband turn from being a loving husband into being a murder of their friends, and with every death, she became more affected by the killings, causing the sleepwalking in which she states “Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?” (Macbeth 75). M These quotes prove that Lady Macbeth had post traumatic stress disorder from the killing of their best friends. L They state that she had no idea her loving husband could so easily kill all of their allies for power, so when she slowly found out about

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