Persuasive Essay On Slow Walkers

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Slow walkers are a problem in society today. You know, the people who act like they have legs the length of one foot and can only take a step every three seconds . They are the reason that many people are late to class. These slow walkers simply do not know how to walk by moving one foot in front of the other . They cause traffic in the hallways and back everything up to the point where you cannot even walk out of the door. People become aggravated at the slow walkers and as a result they are in a cantankerous mood when they get to class. But of course, not me! I come to school every day excited to walk behind people who cannot walk at a proper speed . Consequently, all students will have a speedometer attach to their …show more content…

The second offense is that the speedometer arm band will send a shock through the arm, numbing it. If the student is walking too slowly again, for the third offense, they will be tasered. The use of the taser will be an experience that is not exuberant and blissful and will therefore teach these slow walkers how to properly walk. A taser will not hurt the students that much because it only hurts for a quick second and it is just a small, little shock. If the student has to be told to walk faster at least three times, the student deserves to be …show more content…

The people trying to get into their lockers take up a lot of space and the doors swing open into the narrow hallway, knocking students off their feet on numerous occasions. We have also tried to attach wheels to students but some students did not have the coordination to roll around on wheels around the school. Our last resort was to establish the hallways as moving ramps but that also failed to work as technology is not always the most reliable thing and students were constantly trying to break the newly installed

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