Persuasive Essay On Elderly Driving

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Driving seems like a simple task, after all most people in the world do it in what seems to be an effortless way. What people fail to talk about are the difficulties of driving after doing it for such a long time, specifically when you reach your elderly years. Elderly drivers are faced with multiple issues when driving on the road, including weather conditions that make them experience fear about driving, medical complications and health status that affect the way they drive, and age-related vulnerabilities that alter the way they used to drive as an adult. Elderly drivers should be required to reapply for their driving licenses to not only ensure the people around them are safe, but also to ensure their own safety. As people become older, …show more content…

Heavy rain or snow can cause them to lose control due to the street and cars no longer able to be seen clearly. They begin to lose control from trying to stay on the road, leading to an accident. Since older people have worse vision than younger people, they have a more difficult time driving through the rain or snow. Elderly drivers may also decide to avoid driving during the bad weather conditions, but weather is spontaneous. If bad weather suddenly occurs while they’re driving, they will not be able to stop and immediately lead to panic. They also have the fear of not seeing other cars or people while driving in bad conditions, which causes the anxiety to affect their driving even more due to their focus being on how they can’t see the road. Younger people are more likely to pull to the side of the road and wait until the bad conditions pass, but older people are more likely to only focus on driving through it rather than pull to the side of the road. Weather conditions are a bigger factor for elderly drivers rather than younger drivers due to their existing vision problems and effects of fear. If an elderly loved one insists on driving, take them to retake their driving test to determine if they will not only put others in danger but also themselves in danger while on the road. When elderly drivers

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