Essay On Why The Drinking Age Should Stay At 21

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In the 1920s alcohol was prohibited in all America. The Americans were not “legally” able to buy or sell alcoholic drink. The Americans still bought their liquor from bootleggers and gangsters. The prohibition ended in 1933 for all Americans and were able to legally buy alcohol. Then the prohibition started again in 1984 for Americans ages from 20 and under because of a new law created by law makers. The national minimum drinking age law act states that anyone under 21 cannot purchase and publicly hold alcohol drinks. Now in 2015, the national minimum drinking act stills holds up. In America 18-years-olds are fighting or disagreeing with this law. Many young adults 18-20 belief the alcohol drinking law should be lower to the age 18. The national minimum law should be lowered because …show more content…

In truth, people only half accurate about alcohol causing accident where people are killed. Drunk driving is what’s killing people and older adults drink and drive. It’s as if the blame of drunk driving is only on young adults. Matt Nagin writes, “…According to M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), in 2010 the highest drunk driving rates were found amongst those ages 21 to 25 (23.4%)…” (n.pag). Older adults are drinking and driving and being irresponsible. Proving that age has nothing to do with drinking and that it should be lower to age eighteen because people regardless of age will be mature and responsible and some that are not. Instead, the government should make a law requiring all car companies to install an alcohol breath detector. If the breath detector smell alcohol that person whether young adult or not can’t drive the car. College students want the drinking age to be lower to age 18 or at least 19. Many college students ages 18-20 feel left out. Many students feel that their legally able to do anything and yet can’t drink and join their

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