Argumentative Essay: Keeping The Driving Age

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Driving today is a major accomplishment, and many people use that license as a badge of honor. In today's society, people as young as sixteen are eligible to apply for a driver's license. But, is that necessarily a horrid thing. There are many people who attempt to rob adolescents of their ability to receive a license. I believe that sixteen year olds should be able to keep their driving privileges because you must learn at a young age, it teaches adolescents responsibility, and it makes it easier for teens to maintain a career. Learning to drive is a privilege that I strongly believe teens should keep, and here is why. Driving is an extremely dangerous task, but if you teach people while their brains are still maturing, it makes the process simpler and safer. Learning at a young age to drive is much safer than learning when you are of an older age because your brain is still adaptable. You will be able to learn quicker because your growing mind haven't fully developed. That being the case, your brain is still malleable. Learning to drive while you are still young makes driving at an older age less difficult. This would also prevent many accidents that could occur. In the not so distant future, the amount of accidents would triple due to the amount of adults attempting to learn what an adolescent should. …show more content…

If you raise the driving age limit, many of these teens would lose there jobs by being unable to arrive to work. When teens have careers they gain responsibility and money. Why would we want to rob them of these opportunities? These teenagers are contributing to society just as much as any adult currently is. If we raise the driving age, we would loose thousands of hard working young men and women. Along with that, many teens have an occupation driving. Many teenagers receive careers delivering pizzas or chauffeuring the elderly. Teens are contributing to society by

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