Restrictions Effects On Teen Drivers

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Driving is apart of most teens, and adults lives for many years. There are many exciting moments from getting a license to cramming as many friends in into a car (Zermike 6-7). On the other hand there are terrifying moments from being involved in a car accident, to losing your life, and your friends life. It is important for teens to realize the responsibilities that come with driving. With car crashes being the main cause of death of teen drivers, there should be restrictions to help teens have a smaller chance of being involved in an accident. Teens are like toddlers trying to walk. It seems as if they are doing well, and then all of a sudden they fall. Teens may appear like great drivers, but there are still chances of them being involved in a car accident, or even causing one. Many states such as South Carolina, New Jersey, Illinois, many more of the …show more content…

In the state of New Jersey there are many restrictions being added on teen drivers. One being to make sure teens are not out past their driving curfew they have to add a red trim piece around their license plates, so police have a higher chance of knowing if teens are out past their driving curfew of eleven o´clock. Teens tend to overrate their skills on the road and underate the risks of the road (Zermike 6-7). One way teens tend to overrate their skills is by texting. Texting is a easy way to become distracted, and to forget about driving. Since texting has raised the chances of being involved in a car accident. Many states are now putting bans on using a cell phone while driving. Teens have

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