Dunking Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Tierney Libit an 8th grader in School District 21 was minding her own business at her locker until, someone came up behind her.The next thing she could remember was sitting in the nurse's office in tears with an awful headache, this happened because of dunking. Teens in School District 21 have recently advocated ¨dunking¨ as a humorous ritual. ¨Dunking¨ occurs before and after school, and during passing periods. It is when a student is at their locker, and another student comes from behind, holds your shoulder down then, jumps up and slams their hand against the locker. Thus frightening the student which may cause injury. Getting dunked on is like watching a scary movie, sudden and frightening. ¨Dunking¨ does not only scare the student that got ¨dunked on¨, it also scares other students in the hall due to the big bang from the hitting of the locker. A student from School District 21 told us that ¨Due to dunking I’ve noticed that teachers are becoming more irritated and more strict with hallway behaviors, ruining the fun experiences in the hallways for kids that don’t participate in dunking and bad …show more content…

Also the hallways can become crammed which prevents the teachers from being able to see all of the students and their doings. Teachers and principals are trying to prevent ¨dunking¨ from becoming a bigger issue, and stop it before it gets worse. An 8th grade teacher from Cooper Middle school shared that ¨everyone has the right to walk in the hallways safely and, dunking corrupts it. Although ¨dunking¨ has no directed affect in classrooms, hallway behavior can make it harder to regain students focus.¨ ¨Dunking¨ can be fun and funny but, when it comes down to it, ¨dunking can be dangerous, unnecessary, and

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