Latina Women

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Physical inactivity is a high risk factor for many chronic diseases. Yet, a large percentage of women of all ages remain less physically inactive in comparison to men. In addition to that, their ability and motivation to exercise decreases with age. In fact, many women reported other barriers related to gender, financial, and social support. Many Latina women are less educated on the benefits of physical activity in comparison to White women. However,, Latina women with higher socioeconomic status have shown an increase in good health behavior. This study examines the benefits and barriers to physical activity from the experiences of Latina women. Methods There was a total of 143 women whose origins were of Hispanic and their age ranged from…show more content…
Second most reported barrier was personal health which included health related problems, followed by internal factors whereas many lacked determination and motivation to stay physically active. Finally, external factors refers to lack of social support, lack of transportation and financial cost of fitness facilities. There were also three perceived benefit theme: health promotion, improved roles, and physical fitness. Discussion Although many barriers and benefits reported by the women in the study are similar to what NHW women reported in other studies, cultural differences were still prominent. Furthermore, the older Latina women of this study did not report social interaction as a personal benefit of being physically active. Latina women focus on maintaining and improving family interactions and their roles in the family instead of what is outside their family. The generalizability of this study may be limited because it did not include a wide range of ages and mainly consisted of low educational and socioeconomic status Latina women. Also, many older women show a decline in physical health so they were more likely to report personal health barriers rather than other barriers because they are more preoccupied with how pain is affecting their daily life
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