Case Study Outline: Obesity In Latino

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Case Study 2 Outline: Obesity in Latinos
1. Conceptual model 2. Abstract
The obese and/or overweight (O/O) rates is higher for Latino adults and children compared to Whites in the US. Studies indicate that “nearly one in three children will be Latino by 2030” (The State of Obesity (TSO)). Six disparities contribute to higher obesity rates in Latinos: lack of health education, low SES, food deserts, safe access to neighborhood parks, food insecurity, and acculturation. We propose that an ordinance in Los Angeles (LA) be implemented that will prohibit fast food restaurants (FFRs) and mobile vendors (MVs) from running within a certain mile radius from predominantly Latino PreK-12 schools or other child-designated sites (i.e. parks, child care …show more content…

Latino children have higher obesity rates compared to Caucasian children; “38.9 percent of Latino children are [O/O] compared with 28.5 percent of White children” (TSO). The same studies shows that young Latino children have higher O/O rates compared to White children – 16.7% compared with 3.5% in the 2-5 age group; 26.1% compared to 13.1% in the 6-11 age group (TSO).
Five social determinants of health (SDH) contribute to this issue. First involves the lack of health education Latinos have about healthy foods and the risk factors that come with childhood obesity. The SES of Latinos contributes to food insecurity due to living in food deserts “where unhealthy options are…viewed as cheaper” (TSO). Acculturation affects the cultural habits Latino families have as they begin doing unhealthy “habits rooted in U.S. culture” (CDCB). Safe access to a neighborhood park impedes Latino families from visiting them; hence, “poor choices are made” such as spending more time watching TV (TSO).
4. Methods
We propose that a city ordinance in LA be implemented that will prohibit FFRs or MVs from running business a certain mile radius within predominantly Latino school zones or other child-designated zones. FFRs already located near any school will not be

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