Essay On Preschool Observation

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The school that I attendent to was the child development center. I was looking around the environment where child development is place at really quiet neighborhood. The neighborhood has a lot of tree and not really intersection road. I came in 10/19/17 it was in the morning around 10 am but they had a earthquake drill. They held it really well with the children 's. The children’s carburetor with the adults well. so , they made me wait till they had all the children 's back in the building and settle down. The class i choose to observe was preschool. I wanted to see older kids behave with other childs. The stages are different from toddler to be preschool. Preschool children have learned little bit more than a infant. Preschool was good choose to do for …show more content…

He has learn to make his own sandwiches and serve himself as way. Every group make sure that every student has pick up after themself. Bobby one of those kids who pick up after himself. If he makes a mess then he needs to clean it before he does something else. What i learn from bobby that he likes date-care. Makes me go back to my childhood when I didn’t have to weird about bills and drama. This makes me wonder when a child is shy or out of pulpal. Would this affect them in the future. I just wanted to enjoy life and have fun everyday. On other hand, my second child was a girl name joanna. I will calculate her age of three. Joanna is life really friendly person. I can tell that she like to socialize with other child. Joanna is nothing like bobby because, she is more hyper then bobby. Bobby is really calm kid who obey orders. Joanna they had to convert her to eat her food. She does not like follow rules from any one. So that is why staffs of their way to communicate with each child and understand them. Joanna has learn to make her own food. The staff really don’t like to help out the children to make their meal because, they need to learn by

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