Cyp Core 3.5 Task 1.2

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14.01.16 – 21.01.16 During this block I was given the opportunity to take floor book for the first time. As previously mentioned, I had difficulties communicating with some of the children in the nursery. I strongly believe my communication have come a long way since reflecting on them and this improvement was presented during floor book. I was able to quickly identify that the children had a mixture of abilities when it came to understanding and answering questions. I feel like I coped incredibly well with this during the activity as I was able to give the correct amount of help needed for each individual. I understood that the children required different prompts, explanations and levels of time in order for them to answer the questions. I tried my best to include all the children and felt like the activity was positive overall. …show more content…

I realise I should have praised and encouraged the children more. When Karen was giving me advice she stressed the importance of praise because encourages that child to continue the behaviour in future and also motivates others to join in, she said this was known as positive reinforcement. She explained to me that the children should not only be praised for giving the right answer but also for attempting to involve themselves and speaking out. She also described many other things out with floor book that children should be praised for. For example when they use good listening skills, share well with others and are kind. We then went through the various ways to praise a child wither it be verbal praise or non-verbal, for example giving them a sticker. I can now understand the importance of praising children within the nursery as it can be very beneficial for there learning. I will be mindful of this in future situations and will praise the children when

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