Explain The Barriers To Play Based Learning

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When arranging activities for play based learning within early years provision there can be barriers towards it from taking place. Before the week begins, planning is needed. When planned activities are prepared resources are needed too. Resources can become a barrier towards play. This is because the resources that were needed were not available to be used. Due to this what could take place instead is for the early years practitioner to gather other resources for the children to use for the activity or to just to begin a different activity for the children to join in with. Staffing can become a barrier too. When playing with children it is important that at least another adult is in the room with you. If not then it could potentially have an impact on you completing the activity. If a child has a disability or …show more content…

It is important for the children to feel comfortable and safe. If the activity that they are doing reminds them of something that has happened to them then immediate care and support must be provided to the child. If the children are playing nicely with one another and then a child begins to hit or kick another child then that child that is hurting the other must be removed from the situation as they are causing a barrier towards play based learning. With play based learning it is important that it not cause any harm towards the children and must be health and safety checked beforehand. Therefore, we have a risk assessment to check before the childcare sector opens for the children and parents to enter as well as tidying up constantly. Culture is also important to consider the reason for this is because children are all different from one another and have diverse cultures. An example would be baking/cooking some ingredients are not allowed for certain cultures. Due to this it must be prepared for all the children to have and take place in the activity so that none of them are not

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