Context Of Safeguarding

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Any professional working with children or young people is responsible for the care and well being of those children. Making sure that a child is safe on or out of a school setting is of paramount importance. Not only does it make a child or young person feel safe in a learning environment but it also gives the child the security to develop and achieve from an early age. For children to be effectively protected, it is essential that everyone accepts the responsibility of their role and to also be protected in that role. E.g. when escorting a child to the toilet or a child needs to be undressed due to any accident, it is vital that another member of staff or child is present as to not allow any allegations of misconduct. Physical contact between …show more content…

Some Policies and procedures could be: Nappy changing policy and procedure Positive behaviour policy and procedure Supervision of children on outings and visits policy and procedure Safeguarding children and child protection policy and procedure Information sharing policy and procedure Whistle blowing policy and procedure Question: Question 12 Answer: Everyone who works with children and young people has a professional responsibility to report any concerns about colleagues who do not follow the safeguarding procedures. This is known as Whistle blowing-- You need to identify exactly the poor practice you have witnessed Tell your manager, senior member of staff, or safeguarding member of staff what you have witnessed. If possible put your concerns in writing with details and names, dates and places. Anyone who whistle blows has a right to legal protection. Managers have a duty to support members of staff who report any incidents of unprofessional conduct or poor practice. Anyone who is subject to an unproven allegation about abuse has the right to full protection during any investigation. Question: Question 13 Answer: In a school setting a professional can protect themselves …show more content…

Before a trip can be arranged employers must follow the necessary policies and procedures. Question: Question 14 Answer: Possible signs and indicators that may cause concern in the context of safeguarding are-- Physical abuse-- Bruises to the eyes, mouth, or ears, fingertip bruising (grasp mark), bruises of different ages in the same place. Outline bruises (hand prints, belts or shoes). Bruising on non- mobile babies. Burns, bites and scars or unusual shaped scars and fractures. Neglect--Undernourished, dirty skin and hair, dirty or soiled clothing, inappropriate clothing for the weather, hunger and stealing food, tiredness, being withdrawn, being left unsupervised and not being given any medical care. Sexual abuse--Recurrent urinary infections, genital and rectal itching and soreness, inappropriate behaviour regarding age and ability, inappropriate level of sexual knowledge, and sexual abusive behaviour toward others, lack of trust, regression, become isolated and

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