2.1 Explain The Benefits Of Actively Promoting Positive Behaviour Analysis

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The benefits of applying boundaries and rules for children and young people consistently and fairly are that all children and young people will know what is expected of them. They will understand what is acceptable and what is not. If rules and boundaries are inconsistent or unfair, children will become confused and will not know what is expected of them. They will be unsure whether their actions or comments will get them into trouble. If rules are not applied consistently as staff are not aware of them, children will react to this and comment on this, e.g. you have given X a warning and have not moved their name on the cloud. Therefore, by not being consistent during your daily practice you could be accused of favouritism, bias, discrimination or victimisation depending upon the circumstances. By not being consistent or setting …show more content…

However, it is just as important to recognise and reward positive behaviour by those children who always behave well. By emphasising positive behaviour in the classroom and explaining why, e.g. “look at child X, who is listening well, as they always do”, we are encouraging this behaviour, as we recognise and praise the child for behaving well. This can then improve the behaviour of other children as it is promoting a positive role

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