K4 Teacher Artifact

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I choose to submit this artifact because it illustrates how I make the link with students family to promote a wonderful learning experience for all my students. their learning. This helped me grow as a teacher because it helped me realized the importance of keep a flow of communication to assure the success of all of my students. Parents began to feel relaxed coming to me or calling me to address any questions or concerns because they can count on me to assist them and their child in any way possible. At the beginning of the school year I was excited about my new position as a bilingual K4 teacher. Not to mention, I was very nervous too. All that crossed my mind was that I will soon have a classroom full of little ones, some with preschool or daycare experience and others with absolutely no experience of a structured place with many other little ones joining them too. However, what worried me even more was the fact that this package included parents as well. …show more content…

For example, one of my students had surgery and was on a soft food diet for three weeks I was in contact on mom on a daily basis to let her know how she was doing throughout the day. There have been times when I had to call parents with concerns about student’s attendance, lack of homework or discipline problems. These phone contacts made a huge difference with my students’ attendance, attitude, and behavior. Their homework was turned in on a timely manner and their behavior improved. I also began to send notes home to parents to let them know if their child has done something wonderful in school that day. I think that sharing the positive feedback with parents, as well as, the negative is very helpful because parents always enjoy hearing when their child has done something nice. I eventually began sending a daily progress reports home every day so that parents had some type of contact and feedback from

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