Why Is It Better To Grow Up In A Small Town

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Some people say it is better to grow up in a small town, while some people say it’s better to grow up in a big city. I believe that it is better to grow up in a small town rather than big city. I have lived in both a small town, and a big city. I feel that a small town will be better for the following reasons.

If a student was to be put in a small town school, the school would have a lot more one on one time than a school in a big city school. That one on one time has been shown to be crucial to both students as well as teachers. Students improve their education, speaking skills, and their courage by asking for help and getting help on assignments. The teachers also increase their social skills, as well as build upon their teaching skills, and they also develop a better understanding of common problems than the teachers in big cities that don’t have as much one on one time. These social skills and education skills are critical to furthering the education of the nation as a whole; and will make students, as well as teachers, more likely to be successful in the world. …show more content…

Living in a big city gives more chances that a person will become involved in crime in some form or fashion. In a small town the people know each other a lot better, so that decreases the chances that a person will commit a crime. Big cities are more likely to have gangs that participate in crimes; and those gangs will likely corrupt the students in a big city, as well as the children that are dropouts. In a small town there is still some fear about gangs; but there isn’t as much fear since rumors get spread around quickly thus making the gangs want to stay

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