Dr. Rebecca Farley's Personal Communication And The Stone Memorial High School

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According to Dr. Rebecca Farley, Cumberland County Schools elementary supervisor it is important when dealing with difficult parents to remember to listen, not to interrupt; let them voice their thoughts, then repeat what they said to you. Then, express to the parent(s) you will investigate and/or address their complaint. Be sure to give the parent(s) a day and time that you will follow up with the parent(s) regarding the situation and do follow through as stated. Then, end the conversation with apologizing for the situation and/or issue. After, communication with a difficult parent(s) the administrator should write himself/herself a reminder to follow up with the parent the week after the situation occurs (R. Farley, personal communication, …show more content…

This strategy allows the parent to vent without interruption; while the administration is documenting communication. The administrator should also document, contact information; whether it is in person or on the phone. If situation involves a teacher, the administrator should speak with the teacher first, then contact parent(s). If the situation involves a student, he usually does not share the student’s punishment; however will inform the student and/parent the incident was handled and to contact him if they experience the issue again. If needed, he will involve the teacher in the second meeting, but will lead the meeting, alleviating the teacher the opportunity to back theirself into a corner. It is also important to get a statement from the student regarding the issue as needed often meets with the student after meeting with the parent(s). Kennedy stated, in his experience “difficult parents usually just want to be heard; the situation can often be diffused by actively listening and taking notes” which often fosters more cooperation from parent(s). This documentation is kept in a parent communication log that documents the following type of communication phone, person, or email; student’s name; grade; date of initial

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