Fannie Lawrence Case Study

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Identify the distinct emotions felt by Fannie Lawrence. What situations caused these emotions? The start of the scene Fannie felt guilty hoping Otis would remember to get the kids ready for school in the morning. She felt guilty because she knew he got in late from work but she too had been feeling exhausted. She felt happy when she saw Kim playing with another student. A tad hurt when picking up Pete realizing he was more than likely waiting on her to arrive. Fannie felt helpless and angry when listening to Kim fuss about her not making it to the end of her dance practice. 2. Identify the distinct emotions felt by Sylvia Ashley. What situations caused these emotions? She felt bad that her oldest son had to wear the same clothes over and over. Depressed from the meeting she had with the social worker, because it didn’t go the way she intended it to. Worried if she can provide for her family once she stops receiving government assistance. Also hopeful that a new job will be the start for something better for her family. 3. Identify some sources of stress for the children in the Lawrence family. Identify some sources of …show more content…

Describe why it is important for teachers to understand family life. As a teacher it will be important for me to try and build relationships with my students and their parents so I can be more understanding of their home life. If a students’ parents are always arguing they might come to school and have a drastic change in their behavior. If a student isn’t getting enough to eat at home they might come to school hungry and hard for them to focus on schoolwork. Other factors at home might cause a child to act out but instead of trying to punish the child for bad behavior. I need to let the child know I care and help them the best I can. If a student is falling asleep in class or skipping homework If I build a relationship with them and their parents I already have an idea on what’s going on and can come up with solutions to try and

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